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Chris is a senior level .Net Developer with over twenty years of development experience. He is proficient in developing .NET applications and has successfully contributed to many projects in this area. Chris has communicated his expertise to others in various peer and mentoring roles. He has worked with a wide array of technical languages and platforms, with the ability to implement and integrate systems effectively.

Centare – Senior Consultant – 4/2016 to Present

  • Create and enhance modern web applications

The Payroll Company – Chief Information Officer – 4/2015 to 4/2016

  • Developed and implemented custom business .Net applications for internal and external customers
  • Pioneered Salesforce integration solutions for both custom and vended solution needs
  • Implemented and administered Microsoft Office365 environment and advanced SharePoint file storage
  • Oversaw network infrastructure projects and QoS improvements efforts on a continual basis
  • Managed technology upgrades and enhancements throughout organization such as a phone system migration to the RingCentral VoIP application suite and a Windows 10 migration
  • Worked with the company leadership team on strategic directives and the use of technology to achieve goals

Centare – Staff Consultant – 6/2013 to 4/2015

  • Coach and mentor co-workers on Scrum-based software development and delivery techniques
  • Used Visual Studio to develop a interactive game using TypeScript
  • Designed and developed a geo-location app specifically targeting iPhone 5
  • Built specialized Web API and MVC 4/5 applications to support event marketing solutions
  • Implemented many functional ASP.NET enhancements to a leading online reading program
  • Provided guidance and implemented a Bootstrap responsive design into an existing Mura CMS implementation
  • Created a suite of Cordova based Android applications integrating NFC, Facebook, and Web API services
  • Integrated NFC and RFID technologies into custom .Net and Java applications
  • Developed batch and user initiated integrations with payroll service bureau software
  • Developed functional enhancements and applied bug/fix resolutions for public eCommerce site
  • Created a custom plugin for a nopCommerce public data processing eCommerce site
  • Completed the PSD certification preparation and examination

Beacon Technologies – Senior Consultant – 1/2011 to 6/2013

  • Took over the design and development of a custom pricing web application and windows service.
  • Integrated existing database solutions with real-time SAP pricing queries in order to provide current pricing snapshots.
  • Manage customer expectations throughout project to minimize risk of missing critical deadlines.
  • Developed a Windows 7 ClickOnce deployed application with integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanning abilities.
  • Utilized Microsoft Entity Framework and WCF design techniques in Windows, WPF, and ASP.NET environments.
  • Developed social media solutions including Facebook integration and email relay solution for notifications.
  • Created a content management utility to create and create and publish localizable web pages using route mappings for user friendly links and search engine optimization.
  • Created an ASP.NET large file management web application to secure media in an easily organized interface including custom jQuery plugins and upload utilities.
  • Attended a Windows Azure deep dive boot camp covering the Windows Azure cloud services platform, web roles, SQL Azure, AppFabric, and cloud computing patterns and scenarios.
  • Working on MVC based web solutions using C#

Stratagem Consulting – Consultant – 10/2006 to 1/2011

  • Migrating an internal application from classic asp to the .Net 3.5 framework, providing a rich application interface using latest jQuery and AJAX web development techniques and Oracle search optimizations
  • Contributed to iterative improvements to the and internally facing ASP.NET web applications using Agile project management techniques
  • Managed the software development lifecycle for custom application development efforts using ASP.NET and AJAX technologies to improve user experience and web application efficiency
  • Lead application re-design development team and mentor staff supporting a marketing campaign process using project management methodology and change management tools
  • Provided technical analysis and development estimation to assist in new application development using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition, SQL Server Reporting Services, and SQL Server Integration Services
  • Designed database architecture supporting millions of monthly marketing mailings
  • Continued to analyze process improvements and offer options for performance and monitoring enhancements
  • Supervised the analysis, technical design, and development of a forecasting and analysis tool used to improve the accuracy of campaign performance estimates using AJAX and ASP.NET
  • Developed ETL solutions that support a large marketing data warehouse using SSIS and VB.NET solutions
  • Managing the analysis and technical design and development of a forecasting and analysis tool that will be used to improve the accuracy of campaign performance estimates
  • Maintained the data flow of an ETL process supporting a pilot program
  • Lead application re-design development team and mentored staff supporting a marketing campaign process using project management methodology and change management tools.
  • Designed database architecture supporting millions of monthly marketing mailings
  • Analyze process improvements and offer options for performance and monitoring enhancements
  • Provide technical analysis and development estimation to assist in new application development using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition, SQL Server Reporting Services, and SQL Server Integration Services
  • Enhanced year end tax reporting prototype windows application to reduce initial reporting time from 10 hours to 3 minutes, created import/export features to read/write text files, and added status notifications
  • Mentor other developers on best practice solutions and more efficient problem resolution
  • Improved performance of a monthly marketing data mining process, reducing run time from 2½ days to 10 minutes and offering insight into improving performance of key system tables.
  • Helped finalize ASP.NET 2.0 website content and functionality for Internet release
  • Created suspicious account activity reporting and tracking application querying up to 90 million records using scheduled SQL stored procedures integrating with an ASP.NET 2.0 secured interface

Exacta Corporation – Consultant – 12/2000 to 10/2006

  • Managed ongoing development/performance tuning efforts on ASP.NET and VB.NET applications
  • Managed the packaging, pilot, release, and installations of a Windows application built on the .Net 2.0 framework and installed using Installshield across 200+ user population
  • Designed a custom building drawing tool using GDI+, investigated ActiveX interactive drawings
  • Migrated VB.NET pricing application from Visual Studio .Net 2003/MSDE to Visual Studio 2005/SQL Server Express and enhanced pricing usability and output options
  • Created WSE 2.0 web service using custom TokenManager to authenticate occasionally connected users, apply pricing updates, automatically uninstall unauthorized users, and provide application updates when available. Recently updated feeds to use WSE 3.0 authentication structure and changed data transfer to binary streams for a 40 – 50 % reduction in data transfer
  • Updated and merged many SQL stored procedures into consolidated procedures to improve reporting efficiency and accommodate end-user change requests
  • Designed flexible PDF merging and reporting module to integrate real-time pricing with static reference documentation by integrating a 3rd party control into custom Crystal Reports XI output.
  • Wrote custom VB.NET client server pricing application using a MSDE SQL server engine and released application to 100+ location, 200+ user community leveraging web services for pricing/application updates
  • Developed complex SQL stored procedures and user defined functions for use in data management and custom reporting interfaces with Crystal Reports, Word, and Excel options
  • Designed and developed custom sales pricing solution, integrating with existing ASP.NET infrastructure and adding text import features to reconcile accounting data with pricing data
  • Migrated sales reporting and internal order handling to a common ASP.NET/SQL Server interface from MS-Access departmental databases, improving workflow and reducing status tracking issues
  • Implemented several scheduled import processes to synchronize data with other enterprise applications
  • Instituted a design escalation process to provide full end-user system testing and production servers
  • Managed/designed 3-tier ASP.NET development project to manage job scheduling and labor hour reporting
  • Managed all aspects of a Visual Basic 6.0 material take off client/server custom development project with AutoCAD integration, SQL Server database, and structured text file output
  • Created browser based intranet/extranet solutions using Lotus Domino and Microsoft solutions
  • Wrote a Java applet to authenticate web-based 3270 terminal sessions for 6,000 user intranet
  • Developed custom Lotus Notes client applications serving sales and marketing knowledge management needs
  • Managed development efforts and mentored others on development best practices

Berbee Info. Networks – Systems Engineer – 3/2000 to 12/2000

  • Managed a 1,100 user Lotus Notes Domain migration and built AIX partitioned Domino server
  • Planned, built, and administered a IBM RS/6000 AIX Domino R5 server cluster and shell scripts

Whittman-Hart, Inc. – Consultant – 7/1997 to 3/2000

  • Helped organizations use Lotus Notes/Domino as a more effective business tool
  • Developed and enhanced intranet/extranet functionality and usability at many organizations
  • Migrated 1,500 mail users to a custom configured Lotus Domino mail cluster and server network
  • Enhanced a Lotus Notes based production control workflow application and its servers
  • Trained user groups on features of Lotus Notes and custom Lotus Notes applications
  • Configured and customized 3rd party Lotus Notes Sales Force Automation tools
  • Developed custom knowledge management and workflow automation systems
  • Participated in the migration and support of a 1,200 user Lotus Notes field rollout


May 1997 – Masters of Science – Production and Operations Mgmt. – UW – Milwaukee

August 1993 – Bachelor of Science – Mathematics and Economics – UW – Madison

May 2010 – Certified ScrumMaster – Scrum Alliance

August 2013 – Professional Scrum Developer –

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